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Object Focus

As the term implies, object focus meditation involves selecting an item that creates a feeling of peace or beauty for the practitioner, and concentrating your thoughts on that object. The items used are a matter of personal choice, but some examples that work particularly well are:

  • a lit candle or fire in a fireplace
  • a tree or flower
  • artistic items such as religious allegories and illustrations
  • water (either a bowl of water, a gently flowing fountain, ocean, or beach)


This form of meditation is increasingly popular.

While in a meditative state, one is talked through, or talks themself through a vision, or image. That image becomes the sole focus of ones mind.

Visualization is a powerful tool in goal setting, as it assists the individual in "seeing" where they want to be, as well as what they wish to achieve.

Examples of this method include:

  • imagining a picture of peace and traquility to achieve stress relief
  • creating a vision of health when illness is present
  • reflecting on joyous aspects/people in your life to instill a feeling of happiness
  • in tough times, focusing upon where you want to be, versus where you are (this can be related to employment, family, relationship, school, etc)

The most important concept of visualization is to be aware of the power of the mind. Whatever you believe is the reality you create. This can be hard work, but once you have trained your mind to think positively, your quality of life will dramatically improve.


Walking is a very relaxing form of meditation where the focus becomes the physical feelings experienced within the foot with each small, slow step.

Walking meditation can be performed in a small area (such as a house or apartment), can be done outside (providing the interruptions are few), or within a labyrinth. A labyrinth is a specially built walking path designed to enhance and promote the meditative, walking state.

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