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Breath Watching

This type of meditation requires focus on the breath entering and exiting the body. When breathing normally, the lungs are not used to their capacity. Breathing is generally shallow, resulting in the expansion of only the upper part of the chest.

By taking several long, slow, deep breaths and focusing on expanding the entire rib cage and abdomen, increased flows of oxygen are transported around the body via the circulatory system.

The simplicity of this form of meditation allows for its use in a variety of circumstances, easing stress quickly, and allowing the mind to regain focus.


Using a mantra in meditation involves the repetition of particular words which have spiritual significance to the practitioner.

The most popular meditative mantra is "OM". This phrase is thought to be the basis of all sounds in the universe, originating from the Hindu Vedas.

Restating this phrase creates a sort of hum in the ears, a sense of vibration in the abdomen, chest, and throat, and is very comforting. This helps to still and focus the mind.


Peaceful and melodic music can help focus the mind on the practice of meditation. Ridding the mind of everyday thoughts can sometimes be difficult. Focusing on the gentle rhythms of a carefully chosen piece can be very useful in re-directing the mind.


Object Focus



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