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Operated by Essential Elements, A World of Good Health was born upon the premise that what you give is what you receive. By maintaining a focused offering, and ensuring priority in the four core areas listed below, we strive to fulfill our mandate.


Product Quality top

We have searched the world for the highest quality traditional chinese medicine, ayurveda, and aromatherapy based products. With a focus on purity of ingredients, quality of manufacture, and proven results, we have sourced a healing combination of time honored traditions that meet your needs for effective, yet natural remedies. Featuring manufacturers are certain to nourish and enhance both your physical and spiritual states.


Customer Care top

It is the view of A World of Good Health that the process of "giving" must begin the moment you, our customer, first enter our site. To this end our aim has been to provide you with every tool possible to assist you in making an informed, and personally satisfying purchase. We are available to you at all times via our email address

You will also find that our site incorporates information on every aspect of our product offerings, the traditions behind them, our privacy policies, shipping, and secure shopping targets. Our World of Help page may also assist with general questions regarding your online shopping experience. If at any time you have additional queries that are not answered on our site, please contact us via the email address above. We will reply within 24 hours.


Quality Information top

To ensure our customers are able to make an informed decision on the products they purchase, A World of Good Health has incorporated the Guide to Healing into every page on its site. With informative summaries on our featured product areas of TCM, Ayurveda, and Aromatherapy, as well as introductions to other forms of alternative healing such as meditation, yoga, and massage, the Guide to Healing is certain to be an inspiration for growth and learning.


Charitable Mission top

Core to the tenet of "giving back" is our commitment to utilizing A World of Good Health as a vehicle for charitable contribution. At year end, A World of Good Health will donate no less than 5% of all net revenues to organization(s) that we determine are acting with a focus on cultivating social or economic change through an appreciation of diversity, and a belief in the capacity of the individual to make a difference. This commitment allows both A World of Good Health, and its customers to share proudly in the provision of a helping hand to those around us who are in need.



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