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CLEAR DIGESTION by Green Medicine

"A 35 year old mother came to me who had suffered digestive problems since giving birth to her baby six months previously. She had a recent history of hemorroids which had resolved, but she still suffered constipation, bloating, and a continual feeling of low grade nausea which she described as similar to morning sickness. She had used conventional laxatives which helped in the beginning, but were now proving ineffective. I prescribed Clear Digestion, and within days regularity returned, and the bloating and nausea had subsided."

Elizabeth Wiseman, Naturopath, Homeopath

"A female client aged 70 came to me with long term serious gastric problems, acid and constipation. She reported having bowel movements once a week (which she thought normal) despite constant use of laxatives, and suffered extreme abdominal discomfort. I explained to her that she needed to have a bowel movement once a day, preferably in the morning to be "normal". So I prescribed Clear Digestion... After 5 days she came back looking much healthier and reported large bowel movements had started. I suggested she stay with the prescription on an ongoing basis due to the long history of constipation. I saw her one month later when she reported regular bowel movements and all signs of acid and abdominal discomfort were alleviated."

Garth Trinne, Natural Healthy Glow Centre back to top

CLEAR ENERGY by Green Medicine

"As a naturopath, I am always looking for effective alternative products for my patients. When I studied the Green Medicine formulas, I was drawn to Clear Energy. I decided to try the formula myself, and within the first couple of days after taking the capsules I noted remarkable results in energy levels and concentration. I found this to be an incredible result in a very short period."

Brett Donovan, Naturopath

"As an osteopath, I am constantly working with malfunctioning backs. Since prescribing Clear Energy to my clients, I have noticed they experience dramatic softening of the musculature, and diminishing pain, and feel brighter and healthier. I consider my practice to be 100% more effective."

Dr. Luke Wallace back to top

CLEAR MENO by Green Medicine

"I recently prescribed Clear Meno to a patient suffering from symptoms associated with menopause. She had long suffered from bad digestion, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, and high blood pressure. After only three days her blood pressure reduced. She also found that the uncomfortable digestive pain reduced dramatically. Clear Meno greatly improved her health and life in general."

Dr. C. Marchesino, Total Health Natural Medicine

"I prescribed Clear Meno for a patient who was suffering badly from menopause, including hot flushes, fatigue, insomnia, and spontaneous perspiration. After she had taken Clear Meno for one week, the hot sweaty flushes were gone, she became much calmer, and she really welcomed the much improved energy level. At last, she could sleep right through the night."

Stuart Roche, ACA, AESO back to top

CLEAR METABOLISM by Green Medicine

"I am a professional pianist and my nerves before a performance make me want to eat. I have put on more and more weight. The more I try diets, the more my weight returns. When I found Green Medicine's Clear Metabolism, I could not believe just a few capsules a day would help me. But it did, and very quickly. My life is changed, my weight is normal again, the cravings have gone, and I keep my nerves at bay with Clear Stress."

Joanna Waldmer

"I am now 34 years old. After my children were born, my former light weight never returned. Slowly I became bigger and got quite worried. Diet programs never really helped me. My self esteem disappeared, and this affected my relationships too. My health store recommended Clear Metabolism and Clear the Toxins, which I reluctantly bought. Now I am so happy, because straight away I started to feel different, and within a week the weight started to go down. Elimination was very good. I stayed on the products for three months. Then it was recommended I take Clear Energy to stay in the nice shape that I had become. This is now my daily supplement, and I look good, and feel good... Thank you."

Margaret Simmons back to top

CLEAR THE PAIN by Green Medicine

"I have been suffering from arthritic pain in my neck, shoulders, and hips for years. I recently started taking Clear the Pain with wonderful results. The first thing I noticed was that I finally had a good restful night's sleep, and the pain was gone after 24 hours. I have noticed that there are no side effects like drowsiness when I take it. I can now enjoy gardening and going for long drives without worrying about my arthritis."

Barry Hadfield

"My mother had such bad arthritis that she was moved into hospital. She was in such poor condition and cried with pain such a lot, that she was isolated from the ward. This threw her into despair. She could not sleep either. I thought she would die in this terrible condition. In despair, I forced her doctor to allow Clear the Pain to be administered to her. He finally agreed. After two weeks the condition began to reverse. I added Clear Sleep 3 times daily. Slowly she got better. I am very grateful as my mother is at home again, pain free, drug free, and happy."

Jean Stout back to top

CLEAR PMS by Green Medicine

"I prescribed Clear PMS to a 28 year old patient who had suffered from PMS for the last six years. After taking Clear PMS for only 30 days, she was amazed at the great improvement in her moods. She was thrilled that in the process her skin and hair had become much healthier. She is now devoted to the product."

Dr. Madeleine Lovel

"My 21 year old daughter had been suffering from headaches, cramping, and intolerable mood swings the week before her period. Clear PMS was recommended. My daughter began taking it a week before her period was due. For the first time in months she did not have to take the usual analgesics, and did not miss any classes at university. She was also a much happier person to have around the house."

Susan Adams back to top

RESIST by Green Medicine

"I am a keen triathlete. Last year I decided to enter a two day multi sport event. My training needs were more important than ever, and naturally I looked to RESIST. I felt great all winter, and really believe RESIST helped my immune system enormously, as well as being a great energy tonic with antioxidant properties. Not one of my training partners survived the winter season without one or several colds or flu. I did not miss a single training session. I have recommended RESIST to many of our customers and athletes. They have all had positive experiences."

Dougal Zecquin, MacDougals Health and Fitness Centre

"I have a patient who has breast cancer. After the surgery she had to undergo chemotherapy. When she went in for the second treatment, the doctors told her that her white blood cell count was 1.8. To have chemotherapy your white blood cell count must be at least 2.6, so she could not undergo treatment. She was very upset when she came to see me. I prescribed RESIST. Three days later the doctors examined her again and the concentration of her white blood cells was 6.7, so she could undertake the chemotherapy easily."

P. Jeekel back to top

CLEAR SINUS by Green Medicine

"A female client had suffered from severe sinusitis and chronic headaches for over 20 years. She challenged me with "nothing has worked". I prescribed Clear Sinus. After three days she returned, saying that it had all cleared up, and "what a blessing" it was to be able to breathe freely without congestion or pain. She continues to take the formula when she requires it."

Dianne Connell, BSc, AAcA

"Recently I treated a 37 year old male patient for chronic sinusitis. He had a blocked nose and no sense of smell or taste. Nasal sprays and other prescribed medication has not been effective. I prescribed Clear Sinus. On his next visit, 10 days later, he reported that for the first time in 12 months he could actually taste his food, and felt terrific. Halfway through his second packet of Clear Sinus, he called to say that all his symptoms had disappeared."

J. Wood, DHM back to top

CLEAR SLEEP by Green Medicine

"I am a General Manager of a manufacturing company, and responsible for over 400 staff. My staff and family began to notice some short temperedness, and I was not sleeping through the night any more. The health store recommended Clear Sleep. I was quite suspicious and in a way felt that if it did not come from the doctor, it would not help. I took it all the same, and now I am hooked. I have such good results, and feel so much better... This is a strong recommendation to all my colleagues out there."

Bruce Kitson

"I was a terrible sleeper for many years. My doctor gave me Mogadon. As I started to get so drowsy and down during the day, my doctor recommended I take antidepressants. My daughter came home and said, "Oh mom don't, don't take more drugs". I did not know what to do. She gave me Clear Sleep and told me to try this for one week. So I did, and now, thanks to my daughter, I don't even have to take the Mogadon. I sleep well, and don't feel drowsy."

Mrs. M. Hostage back to top

CLEAR STRESS by Green Medicine

"I recently gave birth to my third child. Needless to say, I was exhausted in the weeks following the birth. I was told that Clear Stress was good for recovery of energy after childbirth. I have now been taking it for a month, and I feel strengthened, more energetic, and more relaxed."

Shawna Taylor

"A 72 year old man came into the clinic because he was anxious about his circulation. He had noticed that his feet and hands were continually cold. Clear Stress was recommended for its ability to improve circulation. He returned after a couple of weeks to comment that his hands and feet were warmer, and he also had more energy."

Joe Middleton back to top

CLEAR THE TOXINS by Green Medicine

"After a three week trial of Clear the Toxins, a 41 year old woman reported that her energy had vastly improved along with her digestion. By the end of the fourth week, she was surprised that all of her painful menstruation symptoms had disappeared. Her periods had always been associated with cramps, abdominal bloating, and very tender breasts. After another month, she found that her period was free of the usual PMT symptoms."

Mr. R. A. Pearce

"A 45 year old business man with a history of irregular eating patterns and a diet of rich food and alcohol suffered from heartburn, bloating, belching, and flatulence. He was taking antacids after every meal, but was noticing decreased effects. Clear the Toxins was prescribed. After taking the first packet, he noticed his heartburn had decreased to the point that he no longer had to rely on antacids. He also reported that other symptoms had disappeared, and that he was feeling much happier."

R. Wright back to top

CLEAR THE WAY by Green Medicine

"This winter, a particularly severe form of influenza was widespread. However, each time I was personally threatened by the virus, I was very quick to take the recommended dose of Clear the Way cold and flu formula, which had the desired result of warding off any further problem."

Cliff Hansen

"A 47 year old woman was suffering from viral flu with aching muscles, glands, and sinuses, a very sore throat, severe headache, nausea, and fatigue. She was prescribed a double dose of Clear the Way. After the second dose she was feeling better, and after 24 hours she was symptom free."

R. Warner, Osteopath



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