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Zangfu is the term used to describe various yin and yang organs in the body. A yin organ is called a Zang, while a yang organ is called a Fu. Although the organs are identified by their western anatomical names, Traditional Chinese medicine views their function on a far broader scope, due in part to the concepts of chi and essence, their movement (flow) and storage responsibilities.

The twelve organs of chinese medicine (which correspond to the twelve meridians, or channels within the body) are classified according to the functions of either transformation (yin organs), or transportation (yang organs).

The Zang is made up of the six solid (yin) organs:

  • heart
  • pericardium (sac surrounding the heart)
  • lungs
  • spleen
  • liver
  • kidney

The Fu consists of the six hollow (yang) organs:

  • small intestine
  • triple warmer (an organ function)
  • stomach
  • large intestine
  • gallbladder
  • urinary bladder

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