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Clear Hayfever
Green Medicine
30 capsules


Our apologies - this item is no longer stocked - please view available chinese medicine .



Based on the ancient Chinese formula, "Gi Gen Xin Ji", Clear Hayfever (also known as Free Breath) is a natural anti-allergic. Use for a general upper respiratory tract infection involving sneezing and congestion, especially with a stiff neck. Proven to be of value in the treatment of hayfever, sneezing and nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis, and the accompanying stiff neck and shoulders.


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"For years I had suffered through severe allergy related symptoms, which were clearly hayfever based. On the recommendation of a close friend, I tried Clear Hayfever. After the first day's dosage, I began to feel some improvement. By day three I was virtually symptom free. I keep it close by at all times now!"

B. Williams



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Pueraria lobata Has significant antipyretic actions and is effective in cases of high fever associated with common cold, influenza and upper respiratory infections
Scutellaria biacalensis Has a strong effect on the immune system. The antiallergic action is related to the ability to inhibit the release of enzymes from mast cells. This prevents allergic reactions.
Paeonia albiflora Has a strong antibacterial effect
Angelica dahurica

Acts specifically on the lungs, has a strong antibacterial effect, and reduces any associated fever

Ligusticum wallichii Improves blood flow, reducing discomfort in the shoulders and neck.
Platycodon Grandiflorum Has both expectorant and antitussive actions, circulates the lung energy and resolves phlegm and coughing. It also has known antihistamine actions. Has a marked expectorant action and increases mucous secretion in the respiratory tract, diluting the sputum for easy expectoration.
Magnolia Liliflora Assists in clearing nasal mucus and congestion
Zizphus jujuba Possesses detoxification qualities
Glycyrrhiza Has expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties
Zingiber officinale Relieves headaches, sore throat and fever
Cautions & Contra Indications
None known



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