August 15, 2001


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Hello everyone,

Welcome to another edition of A World of Good Health News!

Our feature article this edition, "Ayurveda and Digestion", by Dr. Mary Cravatta, is a healthy reminder that we are what we eat, as well as how we eat it! The article explores the import of digestion though the eyes of Ayurveda, and should prove informative for each of you.

Our featured product this edition is Digestive Aid , by Vadik Herbs. A popular item within our Ayurvedic line, this formula is now being offered at the reduced price of 25% off for our subscribers only.

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As always, thanks for joining us at A World of Good Health, and now on to the feature article....


Ayurveda and Digestion by Dr. Mary Cravatta

A properly functioning digestive system is crucial to having a healthy body. Since every single cell within our bodies is made up of the food which we have ingested, the health of those individual cells is dependent upon our digestion. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy food to begin with, and to set up the conditions to facilitate the digestive process.

1. Only eat when hungry.

This may sound obvious, but we often eat due to our emotions--anger, stress, sadness, or boredom.

2. Focus on the food.

Do not watch TV, do not read, do not work on the computer, do not drive your car and do not talk excessively while eating. If we are doing other things while we are eating, then our energy is not in our abdominal area, but up and out and not able to help with digestion. Doing two things at once is also dividing to the mind. Then we are in our heads and not in our bodies. It becomes difficult to know when to stop eating. It could be those one or two bites too many which could affect digestion.

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Digestive Aid - Vadik Herbs

The human body strives to be in balance. The ingredients in Digestive Aid help to maintain that balance through improvement of the digestive process, and thus the body as a whole.

The carefully selected, all natural Ayurvedic herbs that constitute this formula can aid in relieving common conditions such as gas, bloating, indigestion, and more.


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