July 1, 2001


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Hello everyone,

To our fellow Canadians we say "Happy Canada Day"! We hope you are enjoying all of the festivities (and time for relaxation!) that the day has to offer. To our American friends, we would like to pass along our best wishes for your Independence Day celebrations coming up this week.

Our newest site, A World of Acupuncture is up and running. Have you had an opportunity to check it out? If not, please visit A World of Acupuncture and let us know what you think. We are always interested in receiving your input!

Another site that we would like you to visit is Life Positive. Our friends there have created a wonderful resource site (which coincides with their print magazine) for healing the mind, body and spirit. We are very pleased to be associated with them and as a sample of what to expect from their site, this week's article is one which was featured in their magazine publication a couple of months back. To view other articles from the magazine, please click on this link: Life Positive Article Archives.

Our featured product this edition is Clear the Pain. Our most effective formula for arthritis and joint pain is now being offered at the reduced price of 25% off for our subscribers only.

And now on to this edition's article....



To be healthy, happy and in the flow of good fortune we need to be spiritually awake and in harmony with life. This can happen only when we choose lifestyle routines that enable us to have the support of nature's life-enhancing influences, including practices that illumine the mind and allow innate qualities to unfold. We can help ourselves by our actions. The Cosmic Mind, in which the universe resides, provides us with circumstances, events, relationships, and resources to support our constructive endeavors and make fortunate outcomes possible.

Exercise your creative imagination. Envision yourself to be physically and psychologically healthy, happy, creatively functional, prosperous and spiritually enlightened. Think about the possibilities available. If you were enlightened, how would you feel? What kind of relationships would you have? With these insights, begin to live like an enlightened person.

Self-care routines can include activity, rest and exercise and a natural, wholesome diet that is preferably vegetarian. Exercise routines may include hatha yoga or tai chi.

Meditate for physical and psychological health and progressive spiritual growth. Schedule 15 to 20 minutes once or twice a day to meditate. Your thoughts will be more orderly, emotions will be calmed and the body's immune system will be strengthened. You will be more alert and will have energy to live effectively. Choose a word or phrase as a mantra. 'God', 'Om', 'peace', 'joy' are suitable. Sit upright with spine and neck erect. With closed eyes, look slightly upwards, through the place between your eyebrows and be aware. Then do the following:

  • Pause for a few minutes to be centered and relaxed.
  • When inhaling or exhaling, mentally listen to your chosen word.
  • Continue listening to your chosen word until it ceases to manifest and you are established in a thoughtless, tranquil state.
  • When concluding, open your eyes and be still for a few moments.

Immediately after meditation is an ideal time to write in a journal. You may also want to devote a few minutes to pray for others or find solutions to problems. To experience higher consciousness states, meditate longer and more deeply. After a few months, extend your daily session to 30 minutes or an hour. When the intellect is purified, exceptional powers can be demonstrated. When intuition is unveiled, the truth can be directly known. When awareness of our true nature is no longer obscured, we are Self-realized. When we are permanently established in Self-realization and impervious to external influences, we are liberated.

Article reprinted with permission from LifePositive.com

Clear the Pain - Natural Arthritis Treatment

The most common joint diseases in the West today are osteo-arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These degenerative diseases cause pain, loss of movement and mobility, and poor circulation. In Chinese medicine, the formula "San bi tang" is used to treat this condition.

Known here as Clear the Pain, the principal actions of this fast acting formula are anti-inflammatory, analgesic, immuno-restorative, stimulating blood circulation and regenerating tissue.

It is important to mention that the formula has an effect on the whole organism, particularly the digestive system, which suffers the side effects of conventional arthritis treatment by synthetic anti-inflammatories and corticoid-steroid therapy.

Clear the Pain also has powerful nourishing actions on the adrenal system. As lower back pain is often the result of a form of adrenal exhaustion, this formula is also very effective with lower back pain problems. In addition, Clear the Pain has received DIN status (in Canada) for its proven effectiveness.

Our Clear the Pain Subscriber-Only Special:

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