June 1, 2001


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Hello everyone,

With the recent launch of our sister site, A World of Aromatherapy, it seemed only fitting that we devote a portion of this newsletter issue to that very topic, one that we have not yet explored in this publication.

To introduce everyone to this healing art, we've incorporated an article from our sister site, entitled The Origins of Aromatherapy. As the article covers centuries of history associated with this craft, we've taken the liberty of splitting it into two sections, that we will present in this, and our June 15th publication.

If you would prefer to review the second segment today, it can be found at The Origins of Aromatherapy - Part II

I have also attached an article entitled The Quest for Knowledge. The article reviews the very nature of self discovery, and sets the stage for each of us to take a few steps forward in our growth. I truly hope you enjoy, and can make use of it!

Due to popular demand, we have extended our Clear Sinus and Clear Hayfever specials on-site, at over 25% off. It seemed only fitting during our Aromatherapy focus, as without a clear head, its tough to smell the roses!

Our subscriber-only product feature this issue is Living Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oils. These spa-quality oils are available to newsletter subscribers only at a 20% discount.

In closing, just a quick mention that May 31st was officially designated "World No Tobacco Day". As they say, there is no time like the present to take control of your good health!

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The Origins of Aromatherapy

In ancient times man was dependent on his surroundings for everything from food, to shelter and clothing. Being so keenly aware of everything around him, and how it could be used for survival, he quickly discovered methods to preserve food and treat ailments through herbs and aromatics.

Aromatherapy, as it is practiced today, began with the Egyptians, who used the method of infusion to extract the oils from aromatic plants which were used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes as well as embalming.

At a similar time, ancient Chinese civilizations were developing a form of aromatics. Shen Nung's herbal book - dating back to approximately 2700 BC - contains detailed information on over 300 plants and their uses. The Chinese also used aromatics in religious ceremonies, by burning woods and incense to show respect to their Gods - a tradition which is still practiced today. The use of aromatics in China was eventually linked to other ancient therapies such as massage and acupressure.

Aromatherapy has also been used for many centuries in India. Ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India, uses dried and fresh herbs, as well as aromatic massage, as important aspects of treatment.

The Greeks acquired much of their medical knowledge from the Egyptians and used it to further their own discoveries. In the realm of aromatherapy, they found that the fragrance of some flowers was stimulating while others had relaxing properties. They used olive oil as a base oil to absorb the aromas from herbs or flowers, developing a perfumed oil that was then used for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

The Romans learned from the Greeks and became well known for the use of scented baths followed by massage with aromatic oils. The popularity of aromatics eventually led to the establishment of trade routes which allowed the Romans to import "exotic" oils and spices from distant lands such as India and Arabia.

At the time of the decline of the Roman Empire, the use of aromatics faded, and the knowledge of their use was virtually lost in Europe during the dark ages.

Next issue - Rediscovery of a Healing Art

The Quest for Knowledge

As human beings, I believe that we all are in search of something. For some, it is the perfect mate. For others its that great job, which will give us the security and comfort we desire. And for some of us (it seems a growing number of us) the quest goes far deeper, into a greater understanding of self, and how who we are impacts all that surrounds us.

On this journey, difficult questions are a necessary "evil", if you will. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself "Who am I?" or "Why do I do these things?" or "How do I always end up in the same situation?" There are very important lessons attached to the answers, but they are answers only you can give. No one can tell you what you "need to do to fix it". But there is no doubt that until you take the time to assess your situation, you will surely repeat the lesson until you get it right.

I recently read a book with a section on leading a group. The group was comprised of children in the age range of 12-14. The topic was getting to know those around you and demonstrating that what you perceive is not necessarily true until you get to know the other person. The children were divided into groups of two, and told to ask questions of one another that would help them describe the other person to the group. One child, when asked "What will you be when you grow up?", simply stated his name. The other child said "No, what will you BE when you grow up?". To that the first replied "No matter what job I have, I will still be me won't I?".

I think this is a very insightful view that each of us can learn from. Does your job make you who you are? Without it, what would you be? If you had wealth and fame, what would you be? You would still be you, perhaps a slightly different version, but nonetheless still you.

We have so many tools at our disposal today to enrich our personal growth. Books, seminars, tapes and the internet, all provide a plethora of information, and a good starting point for this adventure. Inevitably though, it all comes back to you. How much time are you willing to invest in your self discovery? Remember, it is one of the best investments you'll ever make.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • Are you happy?
  • How do you define yourself? (career, status, education?)
  • Are you proud of who you are?
  • Do you aspire to be "like" someone else? Why?
  • What are you truly thankful for?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What brings you peace?
  • What small changes could you make to enrich your life?

Keep in mind that big changes are not the order of the day. Small steps taken daily will eventually travel a very large distance. Begin without fear, move forward with enthusiasm and intent, and no journey can be in vain. Where do you want to be tomorrow?

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