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Blood Sugar Formula

Ridgecrest Herbals
60 Capsules

$22.99 USD
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Gaia Herbs
 about ridgecrest blood sugar balance:

Ridgecrest Herbals presents their popular chinese herbal formula, indicated for the natural control of blood sugar levels. An effective Chinese herbal formula in use for hundreds of years.

Calcium Sulfate Minimizes intestinal fermentation and yeast action, a factor in blood sugar stability
Oryza Seed Contains starches that do not ferment in the intestinal yeasts. When combined with calcium sulfate, this seed helps re-establish the natural acid base balance of both the intestines and blood. Provides the kind of sugar that can be stored in the liver
Anamarrhena Root Refined sugars are small molecule carbohydrates that absorb quickly through the membranes of the mouth and the stomach directly into the blood stream rather than being stored in the liver, as well as the adrenal and other endocrine glands. This herbs cooling, expectorant, and diuretic properties calm any condition resulting from stress on the endocrine system
Ginseng Root Persistently heard by the Chinese to have stimulant, tonic, and restorative properties to help rebuild the glands and stimulate their proper functions
Licorice Root The Chinese credit licorice with properties of rejuvenation, correcting, and harmonizing the glands. Its nutritional properties blend with other herbs and it enhances this formula for optimum effect

Dosage: 2 capsules, twice daily as needed


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